Together we will continue to press forward

At the Center for Global Health Innovation (CGHI), we condemn racism and expressions of hate, bias, and discrimination in all forms. The recent attacks on Asians and Asian Americans, including the horrific mass shooting here in Georgia, have reminded us once again that COVID-19 and the rhetoric surrounding it disproportionately affect communities of color. A country like ours has seen too many victims of willful ignorance and senseless violence. We must demand better – from our leaders, neighbors, and ourselves.


Our hearts are with the victims and their families, but we owe them more than thoughts and prayers. We owe them action and change. A return to normalcy in this country cannot mean a return to the status quo and weekly mass shootings. It must not.  


To that end, we will continue our work with the life sciences community to create and sustain an inclusive community, combat misinformation, and counteract the systemic inequality, injustice, and unfair treatment of underserved communities.


At its best, biotechnology unites us by meeting humanity’s most fundamental needs and advancing our common interests. Together we will continue to press forward and shape a healthier, better educated and more equitable world.




Maria Thacker-Goethe
President and CEO
Center for Global Health Innovation
Atlanta, Georgia