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The Office of Workforce Development & Education’s mission is to strengthen Georgia’s life sciences workforce pipeline through classroom-to-career initiatives that align with industry needs. We are building the capacity of Georgia classrooms to support the future life science workforce with teacher professional development in biotechnology, an equipment depot, a visiting scientist program, and the BioGENEius award for student biotechnology projects. The Institute provides training for current workforce needs (e.g., biotech courses for nonscientists and executive leadership training for future managers), and supports networking and mentoring for early career professionals through the Emerging Leaders Network.

Strategic Priorities

1. Build the capacity of K-12 schools to generate the Southeast’s future life science workforce


2. Strengthen our current workforce through professional development and career services


3. Create an interconnected community of students, educators, researchers and professionals in the Southeast


Vaccine Equity

COVID Vaccine Information Equity & Demand Creation (COVIED)

Ensuring Equitable Access & Use of Covid-19 Vaccines

The CDC-funded COVID Vaccines Information Equity and Demand creation (COVIED) program, focuses on evidence-based messaging to increase vaccination, especially among minority and hard-to-reach populations.

Economic Framework for Vaccine Distribution

In partnership with Charles River Associates, CHGI has co-developed an economic framework for vaccine distribution in efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The framework will help decisionmakers to bridge the gap between health, health equity and economics — with a focus on the wider benefits to the U.S. economy.

Priority-based Allocated Vaccines Estimator (PAVE Tool)

The PAVE tool is intended to aid public health professionals and others working on multiple facets of immunization program planning, as well as vaccine distribution.

Vaccine Access and Training (VAT)

Promoting Vaccine Confidence in Underserved Communities through Trusted Messengers

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, CGHI has spearheaded community-driven efforts to combat misinformation and mistrust and provide actionable guidance in the neighborhoods and communities that need it most. Through a grant from HRSA, as part of ARPA, the Center is now building on this outreach work by implementing its VAT program across seven states.

Visiting Scientist

Learn about life science career opportunities in the Southeast, and the skills needed to succeed in the life sciences industry.

Emerging Professionals Workforce Programs