About Us

Our Vision

The Center envisions a world in which collaboration and innovation lead to global health equity.


Our Mission

Our mission is to advance global health equity by promoting and facilitating collaboration to drive impactful innovation.

Our Partners

The Center boasts more than 700 members, partners, and stakeholders across our community who believe in the power of cross-discipline cooperation to fortify industry capabilities, accelerate problem solving, and respond to global health crises.

Healthcare & Universities

How We Operate

We Advocate

  • Identify and Describe Global Health challenges needing innovation
  • Maintain a rich network to foster partnership and collaboration
  • Represent organizations and industry interests
  • Advocate for equity and healthy marketplaces
  • Support common interests: workforce, investment, strategy
  • Report on the state of common interests

We Act

  • Develop programs to impact and empower communities & industries
  • Obtain and manage funding for programs
  • Execute programs
  • Evaluate program success
  • Report out on programs and maintain thought leadership
  • Use program outputs to activate resources

Our Story

How it began

CGHI was launched in January 2020, just weeks before the coronavirus outbreak, based on the belief that we could make a significant impact on human health by working together across sectors in new ways. We realized that what the world lacked was an innovative, nonpartisan convener and catalyst to create compelling and equitable solutions. And in addition, a mission-focused, data-driven organization that could swiftly marshal resources that already existed and inspire new discovery and invention to revolutionize global health.



Georgia Bio and the Georgia Global Health Alliance (GGHA) merged to form the umbrella organization of CGHI. CGHI supports the Office of Health Equity & Crisis Coordination (formerly the Global Health Crisis Coordination Center).


Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we are at the nexus of collaboration, discovery and invention in public health – and establishing a vibrant life sciences workforce and talent pipeline for future generations.