We accelerate the innovation opportunities inside of Global Health problems

Because big problems cannot be solved alone

We bring science together to solve important problems.

Talented people and successful organizations working together to provide tomorrow’s solutions for today’s health challenges.

What is CGHI?

The Center for Global Health Innovation identifies, champions and addresses the health problems we face in our world that need the most attention. These are big challenges that no one person, no one organization can solve alone.


By organizing, accelerating and supporting talented people and successful companies to innovate around these problems, The Center works to improve health outcomes for every community, every individual around the globe. And by focusing on equity in the process, these life-saving innovations create economic impact, build new industries, create more jobs, and open new global marketplaces to further empower community success.


Only through rigorous, strategic and active collaboration, designed to deliver sustainable and profitable innovations, will humanity overcome the Global Health challenges we face.



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