Improving Health Outcomes Around the World

Uniting leaders in Global Health, Health Technology, and Life Sciences

Health is a global issue.
It doesn’t respect borders.

When any one part of society is at risk, anywhere in the world, everyone is at risk. That’s why we created a network to make the world a healthier place…for everyone.

What is CGHI?

The Center for Global Health Innovation is a 501c3 nonpartisan convener and catalyst to create compelling and equitable solutions for the world’s greatest health issues.

Launched in 2020, just weeks before the coronavirus outbreak, we were created to focus on improving health outcomes and reducing disparities – for COVID-19 and the world’s greatest public health crises.


Across CGHI and our divisions, we partner with more than 300 organizations across health, technology, life sciences, universities and multinational corporations to deliver innovative, data-driven, scalable solutions that make a difference in global health.


Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we are at the nexus of collaboration, discovery and invention in public health – and establishing a vibrant life sciences workforce and talent pipeline for future generations.

Our Partner Coalition

How we’re making an immediate impact.

Coordinate the World’s Response to Public Health Crises

Through our Office of Health Equity & Crisis Coordination we harness emerging technology and public health expertise in the public and private sectors to help support the fight against COVID-19 and prepare for future health crisis response and coordination.
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Develop the Life Sciences and Public Health Workforce

Our Office of Workforce Development supports education in biological and physical sciences, technology, engineering, computer, math and public health fields to establish a center for excellence in life science workforce training and talent development.
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Fuel Growth of Life Sciences in Georgia

Our Office of Life Sciences promotes interests and growth of life sciences in Georgia, improves access to innovative technologies, and enhances quality of life by fostering strategic partnerships and advocating on behalf of members on public policy.
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Convene the World’s Leaders in A New Innovation District

We are building a first-of-its-kind Innovation District, a central hub and physical workplace for collaboration, discovery and invention, drawing members from the global health, health technology, and life sciences community.
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